FDOT District Seven R/W GEC - HW Lochner 
Florida Turnpike Enterprise - R/W GEC - Atkins Global
FDOT District 2 - GEC Staffing
City of Temple Terrace - 127th Avenue Extension Acquisition
Manatee County - Suburban Water Lines - Acquisition
Manatee County - Morgan Johnson Sidewalk Project - Appraisal
Jacksonville Transportation Authority - R/W GEC
Blueprint 2000 - Van Buren Pond Acquisition & Relocation 
Manatee County - FTA Station Appraisal Services
Manatee County - 44th Avenue Appraisal Services 
Hillsborough County Aviation Authority - TIA Catalina Relocation
Manatee County - 15th Street Appraisal 
HART: NE and West Corridors Alternatives Analysis: R/W Cost Estimating
US Dept of Housing & Urban Development (HUD): LSU-VA  Relocation Florida High Speed Rail Authority: Right of Way Cost Estimation Services
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT)
Florida High Speed Rail Authority/HNTB 
Polk County: Acquisition Services
Southwest Florida Water Management District: Monitor Well Sites Acquisition
Pasco County: Appraisal Review
FDOT District 7: District Wide Strategic Intermodal System Studies (SIS)
Hernando County Appraisal & Appraisal Review
Manatee County Appraisal & Appraisal Review
Jacksonville Transportation Authority:  Atlantic Blvd / Southside Blvd R/W Cost Estimate
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: General Acquisition & Relocation 
South Carolina DOT: Walterboro Bypass - Acquisition & Relocation
South Carolina DOT: SC 295 Spartanburg - Acquisition & Relocation
FDOT District 1: District Wide Appraisal Services
BLUEPRINT 2000, City of Tallahassee/Leon County Intergovernmental Agency: Capital Circle Northwest-Southwest (N2)
Polk County Appraisal
BLUEPRINT 2000, City of Tallahassee/Leon County Intergovernmental Agency: Capital Circle SE I

Florida Turnpike Enterprise: Veterans Expressway

Performance Grades

IAA personnel have consistently received the highest performance grades in the right of way industry

The principals and personnel of Independence Acquisition & Appraisal (IAA) have managed many of the largest appraisal & acquisition programs in the state of Florida during the past 25 years. Our past record of performance consists of our extensive collective experience with the clients listed below. The client list includes many FDOT, City, County, Expressway and Transit Authority clients. The projects below represent a partial list of our experience: 


Florida Turnpike Enterprise: Suncoast Parkway
Florida Turnpike Enterprise: Polk Parkway
FDOT, District 1: Districtwide Acquisition and Relocation Services
FDOT, District 2: SR 20 – Full Service Acquisition and Relocation Services
FDOT, District 2: General Acquisition and Relocation Services 
FDOT, District 2: SR 47– Acquisition and Relocation Services 
FDOT, District 3: State Road 77 - Acquisition and Relocation Services  
FDOT, District 4: District-Wide R/W Acquisition and Relocation Services 
FDOT, District 4: SR 710 Early Acquisition Program 
FDOT, District 4: Excess Surplus Property Disposal – South Rail Corridor 
FDOT, District 7: I-275 – Acquisition and Relocation Services
FDOT, District 7: District Wide Acquisition and Relocation Services
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: Wonderwood Connector - Acquisition and Relocation Services 
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: R/W Cost Estimate; Atlantic Boulevard at Hodges Boulevard Intersection  
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: R/W Cost Estimate; Southside Boulevard at Baymeadows Road Intersection  
Jacksonville Transportation Authority: R/W Cost Estimate; Atlantic Boulevard at Kernan Boulevard Intersection  
City Tampa: 40th Street – Acquisition and Relocation Services (early advanced and regular acquisition/relocation)
City of Tampa Appraisal Review    
Riviera Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
SR 45 (US 41), FDOT, District 7  
State Road 44 Project, FDOT, District 5 
Hillsborough County Expressway Authority, Veterans Expressway  
Green Swamp Development Rights Acquisition Program
Tampa Bay Water Authority-South Central Pipeline Intertie & Desalination Line 
Delaney Creek Project-Hillsborough County  
Drew Park Expansion/Tampa International Airport  
Plant City General Aviation Facility Expansion  
Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD)
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)